March 11, 2011

terribly late

Where I am, Friday is over, and I am posting last week's IllustrationFriday drawing.
I had this idea in my head ever since I first heard what the topic was, but I didn't have time to actually do it, so ... here it is ...

 IF warning

I'm being pretty obsessed by textures lately, and I keep adding layers over layers. I might try making a collage  and then trying to paint over it. Will let you know how it goes :)


  1. They are beautiful! I love the texture and the whimsical look of the mustache on their mouth XD Lol! Very cute!

  2. This is lovely! Love the whimsical creatures in the club.

  3. this is just wonderful, i adore the moustaches, and i too love the whimsical animals, you have such a fantastic style :0)

  4. This is perfectly adorably nonsensical!