March 31, 2011


I have been tagged by amazing @Heidi M (do visit her blog, it’s lovely)
so that you can learn a little more about me, so here goes.

Three names I go by:
Maja (lleft) and Simon (right)
     Tanya, which is an abbreviation of my long name that my parents used to call me only when they were cross. I still cringe when I hear it.
     Meow… my cat insists on calling me that.
     Maja… my dog’s name, people who walk their dogs with me call me that, and that’s cool, because it gives me an excuse to call them by their dogs’ names, so some ladies are called Hogarth, Ben, Sima, Bonny, and some gentlemen Mimi, Peggy, Sofia…
Three places I’ve lived:
     Belgrade full stop... I've always lived here.
Serious mess
Three places I’ve worked:
     a bookstore… I’m addicted to books. I needed a just reason to hang around books all the time and I even miss that job… a little… well… not really, now I enjoy buying books instead :D
     a basement... screen printing... that was FUN!
     home… translating, writing scripts for TV, designing, drawing……..
Three things I love to watch:
     gray sky (it smells sweet)
     my cat and dog doing absolutely anything
     people totally focused on doing something, so much that they completely stop being aware of anything around them… you know that moment .. when you bite your tongue…
Herceg Novi
Three places I’ve been and loved:
     Berlin. I fell in love with that city.
     Herceg Novi
Three people who email me regularly:
     People I work with… all of them… I don’t like writing e-mails
Three things I love to eat:
     cakes, any homemade cakes, any time
     Grana Padano cheese
     almonds, blanched and toasted
Three things I’m looking forward to:
    reading some books
The three people I’m tagging in this meme:
@GenieEspinosa  TrouvezLeLapin
@DianaDelosh TheHareIllustratere
@BrownPaperBunny BrownPaperbunny

March 26, 2011

unorthodox taste

I gave up on buying
                    fluffy furry toy-mice,
                    or flashing balls,
                    or feathery tails hanging on elastic stings attached to specially customized planks of wood...


If you are a cat minder (well, a slave, to be more accurate, but a happy happy slave),
I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.
If it was available in toy stores (to buy, not given as a bonus item with anything BIG)
it would probably be called something like:
                   Magic Transforming Exclusive Supersonic lux-Cardboard Cave-Box.

Magic Transforming Exclusive Supersonic lux-Cardboard Cave-Box

March 24, 2011

portrait of a lady

Lady Badger
Lady Badger saw the Bear Girl portrait, and to my amazement and joy, she liked it and showed interest in having one painted as well. It was wonderfully that she agreed to sit for me patiently for more than an hour, and she didn't hold back words of praise when she saw it finished. She's too kind and supportive. I feel so privileged, and I do hope she really liked it.

a bear girl

Bear Girl
My sketchbook is getting filled up with portraits of members of a family I've never really met... they came there completely uninvited, but they're too adorable, and I can't ask them to leave, but I do hope they'll let me do the the things I planed to do... some time soon.

March 18, 2011

city scape

This drawing is my ode to procrastination.
I was supposed to be drawing something completely different!
... that's whyyy... well ...
I pretended I wasn't there.

-Hello! Tanya is not home at the moment. Leave a message, and she'll call you when she grows up and starts acting responsibly.
Until then, you might want to see some other drawings. Thanks for calling, and have a nice day.

And so, just to be consistent in pretending not to be there, I drew something totally out of charter... or so I thought... 

March 15, 2011

growing up

Barrie was just a little boy, and he was already very unhappy about many things. He wanted to say things, he wanted to be heard, to change the world, but
 ... he was just a little boy!...
and nobody was paying any attention.
So, Barrie did the only thing he could do: he learned by heart bits and parts from well know plays, especially Hamlet because... well... who would dare question or criticize Shakespeare... and it just happened that Shakespeare had already written many things Barrie wanted to say. Then, he set up a stage and performed so well that everyone listened, applauded and nodded their heads recognizing a huge potential in Barrie:
"He is certainly going to become a great actor"
That was the general conclusion. 
Barrie never became an actor.
He became an author, but he never forgot how powerful the sound of human voice can be.
These days, Barrie writes theater plays and lets other people go on stage to stir up our feelings and carve our thoughts using Barrie's words as tools.

IF stir

March 11, 2011

terribly late

Where I am, Friday is over, and I am posting last week's IllustrationFriday drawing.
I had this idea in my head ever since I first heard what the topic was, but I didn't have time to actually do it, so ... here it is ...

 IF warning

I'm being pretty obsessed by textures lately, and I keep adding layers over layers. I might try making a collage  and then trying to paint over it. Will let you know how it goes :)

March 8, 2011

cable car

cable car - to keep #3
I guess all of us need a way to get from one place to another... that is: -if- we want to get from one place to another... but sometimes I forget why do we... wish to do that... and sometimes that's all I want to do...

March 4, 2011

city biker

city biker - to keep #2
Another illustration made for my beautiful frame, but I've already told you all about it! You know the story of it's resurrection?
I don't think this drawing will get to be there way too long, I already hate it, but I've also thrown away more than a dozen finished drawings these last few days, and that's my quota for the week.

#2 to keep - city biker ... in the frame

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