March 15, 2011

growing up

Barrie was just a little boy, and he was already very unhappy about many things. He wanted to say things, he wanted to be heard, to change the world, but
 ... he was just a little boy!...
and nobody was paying any attention.
So, Barrie did the only thing he could do: he learned by heart bits and parts from well know plays, especially Hamlet because... well... who would dare question or criticize Shakespeare... and it just happened that Shakespeare had already written many things Barrie wanted to say. Then, he set up a stage and performed so well that everyone listened, applauded and nodded their heads recognizing a huge potential in Barrie:
"He is certainly going to become a great actor"
That was the general conclusion. 
Barrie never became an actor.
He became an author, but he never forgot how powerful the sound of human voice can be.
These days, Barrie writes theater plays and lets other people go on stage to stir up our feelings and carve our thoughts using Barrie's words as tools.

IF stir


  1. Nice one!
    I like Barrie´s different postures and his funny face shape...

    I wonder about the story behind...

  2. cool work
    I like the different Barries and the material you use to make your illustration in, it gives an interesting texture.

  3. such an interesting piece and response to "stir" so original :0D

  4. awesome illustration! very cool characters!

  5. Love Barrie's back story!

  6. Wow! Such an interesting story and sooo cute picture! I am impressed!I love colors and how this boy is playing!


  7. Very beautiful illustration and I love the story. At times we might not become what we had dreamt to be when we were young, oh those childhood memories... :)