March 18, 2011

city scape

This drawing is my ode to procrastination.
I was supposed to be drawing something completely different!
... that's whyyy... well ...
I pretended I wasn't there.

-Hello! Tanya is not home at the moment. Leave a message, and she'll call you when she grows up and starts acting responsibly.
Until then, you might want to see some other drawings. Thanks for calling, and have a nice day.

And so, just to be consistent in pretending not to be there, I drew something totally out of charter... or so I thought... 


  1. very cool. a conglomeration of textures and styles. well done!

  2. Woah a new word I just learned...'Conglomeration'...I'm gonna look this up in the dictionary.

    I love the little houses in the background....lovely subtle colours.

  3. the cat is fantastic i love the way you have drawn it fur and the whole composition is really good with the flowers in the foreground and the lighthouse and house in the background....great procrastination ;0D x