February 2, 2011

OK OK, I get it!

sketch 1
Of course, these attacks always catch me off guard, and no matter what I was doing, I have to stop, and play with Their Royal Highnesses: Mr Simon the almighty Cat, and Lady Maja.

Usually, I do a sketch, like this first one, and the next one is on the paper where I'll finish the drawing, where I draw with my pencil, and erase, and draw and erase and so on until I'm happy with it, or until the paper decides it had had enough, and becomes unusable.

sketch 2
This time I tried producing one extra, a bit more elaborate sketch to give myself a chance to make some adjustments, and so I did ... obviously ... but it still feels like a waste of time.

I guess the moment an idea materialises even roughly on paper, it stops being fresh, and I lose interest.


  1. Very cute. Is this set in a forest or does the wall have trees on it?

    This feels very cozy. I enjoy the dynamic between all the players.

  2. It's the never ending struggle, isn't it? How to keep it fresh. You've still kept the fun feeling, though!

  3. Great one! Like the two red spots!!!

  4. Very sweet idea. I feel kindof the same way about sketches--I just don't have the patience for them, and a lot of my interest in a drawing is seeing what happens with it. I think I SHOULD do more planning in a sketch stage--because then I wouldn't have all these awkwardnesses where things just don't work out right, but..... (no excuse really).

    I really like the characters here, though I too am wondering about the forest.

  5. that kind of things also happens to me, once i view it on paper i'm like! it wasn't like this on my head!
    BTW your sketches are so cute! i specially love the second one freshness!

  6. thanks everyone
    about that forest ...
    it's the forest from my drawing, the one that I'm doing in the drawing... I mean ... the sketch that the drawn me is doing, so I guess that forest is in my head .. or in the head of the drawn me ... sigh ... try to make some sense out of it ... the point is: I always get lost in the worlds I draw, and that's where I was before those 2 little monsters interrupted me :)