February 8, 2011

Mr Horse is all about elegance

This is my first ever Monday Artday illustration. I'm still working on the previous challenge (strange food), but when I saw this "I dare you" topic:

Horse With Hands Riding A Bike
A horse is difficult to draw.
Hands are difficult to draw.
Bicycles are difficult to draw.
So to draw all three is just cussing mind blowing.

so they say, ha! (say I, in my "bring it on" voice)

I simply had had had to draw it.
And I did.
And here he is ... in his full glory :)
And he looks great on my desk!
And I'm obviously too much into animals on bikes. There was an elephant, now it's this gentleman, so I guess it's time for a squirl? or a camel? or a bear ... or maybe I should draw a forest bike race! 


  1. Great piece! And kudos to you for tackling the tough ones..you did well!! Your horse illo has that great vintage feel to it.

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  3. This is pretty cool. You have a wonderful painting style.

    I'm still wrestling with this one, but I like your "Clown versus Human" challenge. If I enter, do I get a prize? A cash prize? I sure could use the cash...... wait.... what were we talikng about....?

  4. well, J.P. I'm glad you like it.
    thank you :)
    and the "Clown versus Human" challenge is actually Valentine challenge on http://illustrationrally.blogspot.com/
    but I'm afraid there's no money in it ... sorryyyy

  5. Gladly you left a comment on my blog or else I wouldn't get to know about you :D love your imaginative and whimsical artworks :D So awesome XD