February 10, 2011

Clown versus Human (impatience) valentine fight

I had an idea. I was pretty excited about it; so I started sketching, aaaaand ... it turned out to be quite difficult and demanding (I was NOT happy with the sketches) ... soooo ... my problem-solving brain cells (that I'm generally proud of) started producing an involuntary thought (that I wasn't proud of at all): chuck it! ... pretend it was never there! think of something ... easier ... easier is always better... I had to get up and do something to stop myself... and this is my fight! I will create a proper drawing based on these sketches ... next year ... no! not next year ... tomorrow!

joggling with hearts because it feels nice when they drop in her hands
they are soft, and warm, and fit perfectly


  1. This reminds me of a time in art school. I had a difficult design project I couldn't solve. It took me some hard time before I just bluntly told my teacher that I was going to ditch the most difficult part and kept going. It surprised me that he just accepted it easily and said that sometimes you just have to learn to give up :-)

    Enjoy reading your post here. Also thanks for playing with my giveaway. I wish you luck!

    Following you too!

  2. it's hard to sketch, but you did a good job

  3. tank you, guys
    and, Pavinee, I couldn't give up .. that WOULD have been a smart decision, so that probably IS the reason why I didn't do it. But it turned OK in the end ... only .. I could have done 3 other drawings instead of wasting my time wrestling with this one

  4. when your problem-solving brain cells are not cooperating, the only thing to do is cut them out with a sharp knife.