February 14, 2011

as long as you're having fun

Well, OK ... I did it ... I did that drawing, finally! But the " clown" won anyway, because I was late.

I'm looking at this silly picture and trying to persuade myself that I hadn't become a cynic.

Here, some ridiculously stupid looking smiling hearts, just to prove I can do that too.


  1. "Lovely waistcoat. Shame about the poetry." (My OCD apologizes for waking up.) So, lovely trousers and a lovely idea.

  2. Well, doesn´t look silly to me... My interpretation is it says a lot about how commercial have people become about feelings and playing with them like a commodity ... (St . Valentine´s Day is a silly thing, not your sktch!)

    Like the face of the juggler and the wire change of light...