November 23, 2011


I've been busy lately, doing some "serious" stuff
but I've also been stealing time to play... seriously, of course.

Maybe that's why this guy turned out to be such a...
Or maybe it's because he was given a name early in his life, before he got eyes, or even clothes.

A dear friend of mine gave him this name that's so... 
                                             □  puritan       tick only relevant boxes
   □  prudish

And so, I went on being terribly serious.
I am not surprised that one morning, when I woke up, I realised what I had done the night before...
...more seriousness...
Apparently, I've been introduced to these guys, but I can't remember their names.
If you've seen them before, I'd love to know how they're called. 
They've kind a... moved in with me.
So it all feels a bit awkward. 

But what I really wanted was to make new friends...
And so I did.

Thy're amazing at telling stories.
And they make them up as they go.
Quite remarkable!


  1. Mikka looks like a great guy to play with.
    You've gone through a serious spell, but it seems you are recovering well. All of these are great, just amazing.

  2. Okay, this is getting hilarious!! Is it weird that I can actually hear the noise the "Parliament" is making? Puritan matters aren't my cup of preference, but Godfrey looks dashing and that... scarf (ROTFL) is priceless. Love his upnose attitude! But the baby-friendly version of South Park!!! HaHa! I mean seriously! Can't comment at this point, can't stop myself from laughing (and again, hear their voices, speaking at the same time)! Be back to you when my caugh stops :) I'm thinking: best one yet! THANKS LUV

  3. amazing comments :D
    thank you :D
    (jumping with joy)

  4. Yes, as a concerned and highly anonymous subject to the Crown, I would like to report that the less visible MP (you know, third chap from the right)was spotted at the house of ill repute! ... By a fine person who was only cleaning the stairs, yes. Also, his eyes make me suspicious of him! Yes. Good day!

  5. I know the first guy (the m-MP) from the right. It's Mike!
    And Yelda kills me! Those crumbling Natalie Portman eyebrows and the cheekbones! :) What the hell?!?
    AnAndAnd Leea looks more like a Frankie!