November 10, 2011

cute in stripes

This is Mr Mattimore.

He is very happy because he got a new stripy coat, and he's parading it around...

But not even a week ago, he was just another lump of clay and sheet of aluminium who had never met before... but once they did meet, magic happened and this new creature came to life.

Mattimore is just the first of many.. some of them have already been shaped and sanded. They were in Mattimore's drying class on the shelf, and they'll join him on the playground very soon, I just need to find for them something to wear... it's getting cold outside, I can't let them go out like this.


  1. How totally adorable, From his name Mr Mattimore to his stripy coat, what a cutie,so creative i cant wait to see the rest :D will you be selling them ?

  2. hey, thanks, Heidi :)
    I'm so happy you like silly Mr Mattimore...
    This is my first ever attempt to start (I did that a lot) and finish (this is my first time ever)something in clay, and it's SO much fun!
    I wasn't really thinking of selling them, I don't know... maybe, if I ever get brave enough to try :) unless I grow to fond of them by then

  3. Wow, Mr. Mattimore is adorable!! His facial expression is wonderful, and so is the new stripy coat you made him! Looking forward to seeing how his friends will look when you're finished with them! Great work! :)

  4. Omigosh, I can't stop watching the little guy scoot around. So darn cute I can hardly stand it. Great job!

  5. Mr Mattimore and Friends are MOST wonderful!!!

  6. How adorable. Be sure to show us the rest when they are done.

  7. Cute sculpture!And you made an animation with it, how beautiful!

  8. big thank you to all you guy who leave comments!
    it means A LOT!