November 23, 2011

"home made" light-box

It's winter... almost... and I love winter.
I'm not complaining at all... it's just that I've encountered some obstacles
5 hours of sunlight per day (counting my "awake" time)

Each evening I'd want to blog about something, then I'd snap some photos, *they'd look terrible, and I'd give up, promising myself to do it all in the morning.
Then, in the morning I'd have something "serious" to do, and by the time I finish, all the daylight would hide away... so I would promise myself again, the same thing, and I'd draw or make make something new, and I'd want to blog about it. I'd snap photos... (start reading again at *)

Not a nice circle to be trapped in!

And all I needed was: 
            Scotch tape
                     5min for research
                            10min of "hard labour"

The results are HERE in my previous post.
It would have been great if I had one more lamp, but I think the photos turned out OK anyway.

and this is a scene from our little photo-shoot:

Super easy!


  1. Both amazing and cute. Love how Godfrey keeps an eye on "us", so that we don't misbehave at the theater or smth.

  2. Oh love this - where id you find the info on how to create your own light-box. I want to do one too.