September 5, 2012

sketchbook that made me start drawing again

Some time ago, Kimi, an amazingly talented lady started a project, and you can learn more about it HERE.  I was sooo happy to participate in it... I couldn't wait for the travelling sketchbook to reach me... and finally, it did... and it was in my hands, and it was beautiful!
And then things happened...
I couldn't draw.
I did some sketches, but I couldn't show them to anyone.

And my first real effort since then is in Kimi's sketchbook... 

Here they are.

The sketchbook is on its way to Turkey, and with any luck, Gizem, a wonderful illustrator, will have it any day now.

April 10, 2012

Rainbow and Sweets

stay tuned
bunnies and butterflies coming up
for a complete -happy happy- experience


March 24, 2012

Ladies for tea

I haven't been drawing for a while... not as much as I wish... but I missed it SO much... 
This is a little come-back warm-up.

March 14, 2012

December 1, 2011

look what I made :)

I always carry a notebook with me, and I am always on a lookout for new ones... so I thought.... maybe it would be nice to make some myself for a change... so I made 2 and then I kept making them... and...'s contagious!....
 And it was already late in the evening when I started, but I was having so much fun and when I thought maybe I could call it a day (a night) it was already time to get up... sigh... well, at least I have an excuse now for being sleepy all day :D ... and a proof for it:

November 23, 2011

"home made" light-box

It's winter... almost... and I love winter.
I'm not complaining at all... it's just that I've encountered some obstacles
5 hours of sunlight per day (counting my "awake" time)

Each evening I'd want to blog about something, then I'd snap some photos, *they'd look terrible, and I'd give up, promising myself to do it all in the morning.
Then, in the morning I'd have something "serious" to do, and by the time I finish, all the daylight would hide away... so I would promise myself again, the same thing, and I'd draw or make make something new, and I'd want to blog about it. I'd snap photos... (start reading again at *)

Not a nice circle to be trapped in!

And all I needed was: 
            Scotch tape
                     5min for research
                            10min of "hard labour"

The results are HERE in my previous post.
It would have been great if I had one more lamp, but I think the photos turned out OK anyway.

and this is a scene from our little photo-shoot:

Super easy!


I've been busy lately, doing some "serious" stuff
but I've also been stealing time to play... seriously, of course.

Maybe that's why this guy turned out to be such a...
Or maybe it's because he was given a name early in his life, before he got eyes, or even clothes.

A dear friend of mine gave him this name that's so... 
                                             □  puritan       tick only relevant boxes
   □  prudish

And so, I went on being terribly serious.
I am not surprised that one morning, when I woke up, I realised what I had done the night before...
...more seriousness...
Apparently, I've been introduced to these guys, but I can't remember their names.
If you've seen them before, I'd love to know how they're called. 
They've kind a... moved in with me.
So it all feels a bit awkward. 

But what I really wanted was to make new friends...
And so I did.

Thy're amazing at telling stories.
And they make them up as they go.
Quite remarkable!

November 13, 2011

the importance of eating fruit

Leslie's been trying to persuade Lennard to eat fruit.
But Lennard won't even hear of it.
Stubborn little penguin... that Leslie...
quit it... it just won't happen!

the importance of eating fruit

Mattimore's happy now that he doesn't have to play alone on the playground. He's got Lennard and Leslie to play with him, and Godfry's going to join them tomorrow.

November 10, 2011

shy in green

I had a bit of ... time ... that I like to call "shy", but in fact, it's my phase where I absolutely hate every line I make, and I want to hide away and never ever try to draw again... but I can't really stop... and only now I realise, this time, most of my "shy drawings" are green... here are just a few of them...

strange world

serious conversation

les chats de Charles Baudelaire

cute in stripes

This is Mr Mattimore.

He is very happy because he got a new stripy coat, and he's parading it around...

But not even a week ago, he was just another lump of clay and sheet of aluminium who had never met before... but once they did meet, magic happened and this new creature came to life.

Mattimore is just the first of many.. some of them have already been shaped and sanded. They were in Mattimore's drying class on the shelf, and they'll join him on the playground very soon, I just need to find for them something to wear... it's getting cold outside, I can't let them go out like this.

October 4, 2011

hibernating monsters

I always have monsters hibernating in my head. Most of the time, they're quiet, but sometimes, when they wake up, they like to party... they party for days and days and won't let me sleep at all... for days... so after a while, I become an inhabitant of a weird place, where I'm half awake and half asleep constantly, and every time I blink, something completely unexpected appears before my eyes...

don't blink, you'll get lost

October 1, 2011

My Cat

This blogpost is all dedicated to Mr. Cat
because I ♥ ♥ ♥ him so much
and because I feel terribly guilty.

...he is starving...

I am torturing him and not giving him anything to eat for over 4!!!! hours... because he had to take his antihelmintic paste, and last time he had it on a full tummy, he couldn't hold it down, so the vet said no food 3 hours before and 3 hours after.

He hates me right now... and to think that only this morning we were cosy and purring in a loving cuddle...
He had his normal morning, never anticipating my horribly wicked plan.
Only when he meowed for his breakfast #3 and got nothing, he realised something was going on.

right after breakfast #1 everything seemed fine
I started feeling guilty yesterday evening, after I talked to the vet.
It kept me awake most of the night.
so I drew this:

I hope he'll forgive me... some day...

September 26, 2011

a bit of DIY

I had a zebra pattern painted on my studio wall for 6 years. I loved it for 5.5 years, and then it started annoying me, so a couple of days ago I had finally decided
to do something about it. 

I bought the best paint I could find, and painted the entire "enormous" wall all in one colour, this greyish-brownish-not-too-light-but-natural beige.

The idea was to have something neutral where to hang my lovely heavy vintage frames that I had painted white with lovely mating emulsion finish, something like this one here, only a matching pair, and bigger (and yes, two more embroideries were evicted from their frame-homes, but they'll have new life as cushions). I looove love love white-brown combinations.
the wall was painted, and I let it dry over night, and the next day ...I hated it. It was so bad that it was making me angry. I stepped into the studio, saw it, and walked out.
When I'm at any of my desks, the wall in question is behind my back, but I couldn't sit at my computer and work, the wall was bugging me that much.

Then I did something about it... again... 

I did what I like doing most... I painted... first I thought of painting an entire village, all with little trees and houses, but honestly, I don't think I'd be able to live with so much going on behind me... so I painted a forest... nice airy forest where I wish I really lived instead of being trapped on the sixth floor in a noisy-city-centre-apartment.

Mr. Cat slept in his chair. I moved it about 20 times, with him on it. He woke up only once, he was hungry.