August 23, 2011

I simply had to do it

Some drawings are cute, some drawings are sweet or scary or sad. I always loved drawings... but sometimes I happen to see a picture that really speaks to me... then... I don't need any effort at all to see it wink, smile, talk... its personality, its story, it's all there... that's whyyyy... one day, I decided to try and master a skill to help those critters talk to the rest of the world the same way...

I'm so faaaar from even scratching the surface of animation, but I love learning, I enjoy every step of it... If you want to see some of my first attempts click here. I'm obviously just a self-tough enthusiast... I would be so happy to know if you have any comment or suggestion.

Now, without further ado...
Let me introduce to you Baby Blue Owl.
I've met this feathery sweetie through our mutual friend, Heidi. Her blog is adorable, and she's an amazingly talented artist. Everything she ever draws makes me giggle and smile.

She wrote with so much love about the Owlish behaviour of B.B.Owl and other owlish friends, I fell in love with them... You can meet them too, of course, just click here.

The sweetest little owl ever, don't you think? :D


  1. I saw it on Heidi's blog too, it's adorable! ♥

  2. cute :) what software do you use?? I also decided to learn animation but right now I only edit my short films... would love to animate my drawings:)

  3. you have done something so wonderful by breathing life into this little owl, it has really brightened by my day,i just know you will grow and grow with your animations skills. I feel honoured that you used this little blue owl and i have my fingers crossed we can work on a project together.

  4. thank you guys! I'm so pleased you like it...
    @Heidi M ... I was a bit worried you'd mind that I kidnapped your lovely owl... I would love to work on some project with you! It would be amazing
    @Karolina B ... it's all just Photoshop... I'm using SC5, but I've decided to try and teach myself Flash... it would make these things so much easier, I think... which program do you use for editing your videos? I'd love to see them