April 5, 2011

cat frenzy

I've been drawing cats all day today.
I like best the very first one I drew, of course. 
And the weird things is: I started thinking about dogs very soon after I stared drawing cats. But I didn't let myself get carried away. I continued drawing cats. 
I wanted to draw raccoons.

I'll be drawing raccoons tomorrow, unless I change my mind, in which case, I might draw bugs, or elephants or armadillos... but one thing is certain... I'll want to draw anything but raccoons less than an hour after I start drawing them.

When I completely commit to doing one single thing, I get amazing (perfectly unrelated) creative ideas, and then all those ideas just go to waste, and leave me thinking I'll never have any new creative thought ever again. 

And then! ........ I get an amazing idea! 
... at about half past 11 (at night)
... and I stay up, happy happy, completely forgetting about time, till everything I see becomes a white smudge created by my lamp light mixing with beautiful colours of sunrise, so I go to bed, get up 3 hours latter, spend all day with metallic taste in my mouth, trying to pretend I had a long night's sleep... and I'm dead at 10 in the evening, and just before I fall asleep, some amazing idea violates my serene tiredness... and I can't do anything, too tired, and I can't sleep... the majestic birth of insomnia.

I hope one day I'll master the skill of writing down those misbehaved ideas, as notes, for future me to criticize them and discover that they weren't really that great.