September 13, 2011

un vrai papa

I don't know if it ever happened to you, but it happens to me all the time, and it always ends in frustration:
I draw outlines of something, I put all my actors on the stage, then I start working on one detail, and I'm actually pleased with it, so I pass on to the next one... and it's baaaad... bad bad bad! hands draws like paws, nothing looks right, I hate every line I make... That's the moment where I usually just crumple the paper, throw it in the bin that's always within a handy reach, and always completely full.
Last night I simply walked away... I couldn't look at it... But it was still there, waiting for me in the morning... it didn't disappear, it didn't change over night... but my level of tolerance and patience did.

fanfares and cheers fooooor:

Monsieur Vrai Papa, avec la moustache et les muscles d'un papa super!

What you have before you is my attempt to save this guy... I'm even quietly happy I didn't toss him with the rest of the gang from that sheet of paper...
I'm sorry, Lady Weightlifter and Mr Bearded Clown... I promise to give your a solo act each... one day... maybe soon... learn to be patient, that's a good thing to be!


  1. I am glad he got saved - I love it :) x

  2. I feel your pain ;) But this looks great to me !!

  3. He's absolutely handsome! Un vrai looker :)

  4. thank you, Susie, Elizabeth and Ersi ... He's on my shelf now, with my books in French, and I'm growing quite fond of him :)
    I've even started drawing my Lady Weightlifter... Here she is: