May 26, 2011


I wasn't sure about posting this page from my sketchbook... it's simply too... sketchbooky, and smudgy, and unfinished... but I love the color.
I tried to scan it, but the scanner didn't show how shiny it is. Not even photoshop could save the situation. However, the photo didn't need any tweeking.
Lately, I am crazy about shiny warm golds and coppers...
And rapidographs... I love the fine-fine-black-ink-lines my 0.18mm rapidograph makes. Perfectly precise thin lines combined with rough brush strokes of shiny color...
Oh, yeah... and bears... I keep drawing bears... and I have no idea why. When I sit and draw, a bear staggers onto the paper... maybe it has something to do with my constant daydreaming about running off into a forest to live away from the city, and noise, and people for a while... long while? :)


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  1. I've just enjoyed poking around your blog! I like your imagery and animations. The animations are an interesting spice. What software are you using? You also have a wonderful gift for words. Your commentary is very engaging on all posts – I think because it feels authentic. Thanks so much for your recent visit and kind words. It's very encouraging to know my art is touching people on an emotional level. :D