January 21, 2011

so beautiful

I've spent a big part of the night drawing with my 0.1mm rotring and pale pastel color pencils on small sheets of brown paper, and now, in the daylight, I can see how much my style has changed. Some ten years ago, I used to draw on B0 paper, attached to a wall, because I'd flip any easel. I liked big chunky chalks, and long flowing lines to express movement.
I don't have any of my old drawings, and this is the only photo of any of them that I have, and the only one that still exists, thanks to my good friend, who made me not throw it away. She liked it and so she got it.

Now I miss that feeling of freedom and space that I had drawing back then, but I would never use the same colors.

This morning, I stumbled on an amazing video. It's an animated short, “Thought of You“, by Ryan Woodward. It has everything I love! It's breathtaking.

Don't you think?

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.


  1. I'm still trying to find a "style" or identify common themes/preferences in my drawing, but I can imagine how it must be to look back at your earlier work and think of the person you were then - with that style. I'm glad you have that one piece left to capture that part of yourself.

    The lines in this one *do* make me think of something flowing, but the way the lines of the color move towards the center, it also makes me think of focusing in on the figure I see - an inward movement.

  2. OOoo I can see you were someone who could spend half of the week at the trance party. Look at the colors!I have a flashback now! Thank you for putting me back when I was a young clubber :)
    Ps- have to go to try to find some old tapes :)
    (Maaaamaaaa, where are my old tapes???)

  3. Its so interesting to look back at how your art has changed..Mine has and it still is changing.When I was at university in my first year my style was so big, colourful and expressive..But now its much more controlled I guess..Its great that your friend kept that piece, it is beautiful.
    WOW that video!! Actually brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing.